Where to Stash the Stand Mixer in Your Kitchen

Solution: Out in plain sight.
Who it works for: You use your stand mixer not only for baking but also as a fun, colorful accessory. It’s like the statement necklace of your kitchen’s outfit.

Part of the reason I’d shell out a few hundred bucks for one of these mixers is because they are very cool-looking and come in super cute colors. I don’t know how anyone could buy a happy pear-green KitchenAid mixer and then not want to look at it all the time. But I can relate to needing the counter space it requires, so we’ll go through a variety of options.

Solution: Tucked under an upper cabinet.
Who it works for: You want to look at your mixer but want it to live in a tucked-away space.

These homeowners can still enjoy looking at their turquoise mixer, but if they need that primo counter space for unloading groceries or laying out ingredients next to the refrigerator, they can shove it out of the way.

Solution: A pullout drawer.
Who it works for: You think stand mixers add to countertop clutter. You have a strong back, don’t use the mixer often and want to add a little arm workout in with your kitchen duties.

A sturdy pullout drawer like this one keeps the mixer close by without taking up prime kitchen real estate. Be sure to let your cabinetmaker know you plan to store something heavy here so he or she can check the weight rating for the drawer slides.

Solution: A mixer lift.
Who it works for: You want super easy access to the mixer with minimal physical effort. You’d rather give up lower cabinet space than countertop space, or you want to use your mixer on an island in the middle of the room.

Open the cabinet door and — voilà — you can pull the mixer up and out with ease, do your mixing right on the shelf it sits on, then stash it away when you’re done. Installing an electrical outlet within the mixer’s cabinet makes things even easier. Also, think about where you’ll be doing your baking tasks when you install this. For example, being able to do plugged-in mixing at an island is a relatively new option that might not have been available the last time you remodeled your kitchen.

Your cabinetmaker should be able to source the hardware for you, but if you’re more of a DIY type, Hafele and Rev-A-Shelf are good sources.

Solution: A custom pullout shelf that’s lower than standard counter height.
Who it works for: You use a wheelchair or need a seat while baking.

This custom setup is for a home that follows universal design principles. The cabinet door flips up and a shelf that houses the mixer pulls out. As you can see just behind the mixer, there’s an electrical outlet in the back of the cabinet.

Solution: Appliance garage with a sliding shelf.
Who it works for: Youwant to use the mixer on a perimeter countertop but don’t want to look at it all the time.

This arrangement is so easy: Lift or roll up the appliance garage door and slide out the mixer, which sits on its own pullout.

Here’s an example of an appliance garage with bifold doors that blend right in with the rest of the cabinetry.

Solution: Stash it in a baking cabinet.
Who it works for: You love to bake and you want a dedicated station for gathering ingredients, rolling dough, measuring and mixing.

A baking station is a dream for those who love to bake. With all of today’s clever storage solutions, you can set up a baking cabinet complete with stand mixer, ingredients, baking sheets, muffin tins, measuring cups and everything else you need efficiently in one place. It also provides a surface where you can roll out and knead dough.

Solution: An appliance garage that opens on two sides.
Who it works for: Your kitchen may have more than one small appliance working at once, and you cannot stand wasted corner space.

Sometimes corners in a kitchen are full of wasted or blind space. This designer made the most of that, which left a lot of room for a nice adjacent window. This solution is smart because you could pull out the coffeemaker and the mixer at the same time and have plenty of space to do so. And hey, it can even suit different moods. Want to look outside and watch the birds or gaze lovingly at that killer Heath Ceramics tile while you mix? It’s your choice.

Stand mixers weigh a lot and are not easy to move around. Here are some easy-to-access storage solutions for this heavy small kitchen appliance. Be sure to share your ideas with us in the Comments.

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