5 Premium Kitchen Details One Designer Recommends

1. Pro-Style Range

A pro-style range is a designer kitchen’s crown jewel. The commercial, chef-style quality of these ranges makes them a natural focal point. Exposed gas burners coupled with hefty knobs and a substantial range hood set a pro-style range apart from a standard one. Optional features such as a grill or griddle allow for greater versatility and ease of use when cooking.

These high-end appliances often come in a wide range of colors. This bright orange Bertazzoni range and the blue backsplash work brilliantly as a complementary-color pairing that enhances the midcentury modern style. It’s also worth noting that this is a 30-inch range, proving you don’t need an oversize appliance to create a big impact.

In addition to color, you’ll have a wide range of styles to consider. From contemporary to Victorian, there’s an option that can help you define the character of your kitchen.

2. Statement Light Fixtures

Statement light fixtures read like sculpture in a room. While they provide an additional source of task lighting, they also serve to elevate the aesthetic of your kitchen by providing a bit of drama.

The kitchen island is often the best place for decorative fixtures such as pendants. The laws of good design favor odd numbers. For example, an 8-foot island can hold three small to medium-size pendants. While this is the rule of thumb, it shouldn’t stop you from playing with scale. For example, consider two large pendants over an 8-foot island.

Minnesota designer Bria Hammel added two large brass pendants over the island of this contemporary kitchen. The metallic finish contrasts with the matte black cabinetry and complements the warm wood tones of the ceiling beams and extended island eating area.

3. Pot Filler

Pot fillers combine functionality with decadence. These fancy faucets are installed above a range or cooktop and are used to fill large pots with water, saving you one trip of heavy lifting. In many ways, they’re a telltale sign of a thoughtfully designed kitchen. Consider them an elegant touch that also makes life a little easier.

Pot filler faucets come in many finishes and styles. This industrial-style version combines a matte black knob with a traditional chrome finish on the arms.

If you’re considering a pot filler for your kitchen, keep in mind that water lines must run from the nearest existing water line to the wall behind your stovetop. Depending on your layout, this could be the water line connected to the back of your fridge, dishwasher or sink. For that reason, this option can be more costly than it looks. R
unning a water line through your wall to the location of your new pot filler will likely require some demolition, so prepare to repaint walls or redo your tile backsplash.

A pot filler faucet should be mounted about 20 to 24 inches above the stove burners. The exact location will depend on the wall space you have and the style of pot filler you choose.

If you have concerns about the faucet being a potential source of water damage, look for models with dual shutoff valves. The two valves reduce the risk of water leaking from the faucet.

4. Charging Station Drawer

Today’s kitchen design must address the realities of modern living. A charging station drawer is a detail that will safeguard your electronics in an area of the home where accidents such as spills are prone to happen.

You can outfit your charging drawers with electrical or USB outlets or a combination of both. If you’re converting an existing drawer into a charging station, consult with an electrician to determine the best spot.

Of all the rooms in your home, it’s your kitchen that demands the most planning — and often the better part of your budget. Drafting a priority list can be a bit of a head-scratcher. From lighting to appliances, there’s a wide range of elements to carefully consider. As a designer, I try to make the process a little easier for clients. And if there’s still some budget to play with after the must-haves are out of the way, we start discussing the nice-to-have premium features. Everyone has their luxury dream features, but these are the 5 details I like to recommend.

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